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Karinya House


The primary aims of the Snow Foundation are to:

  • alleviate hardship and assist the most disadvantaged and vulnerable: the homeless and destitute;
  • provide relief and positive change to people with major health issues, as well as support medical research particularly in the areas that are under-funded;
  • provide education, employment and life-skills for disadvantaged families and youth, enabling them to help themselves and ideally provide long-term change, even generational change where possible



The foundation focuses on Canberra and the surrounding region targeting three core areas:

  • Social Welfare  - providing for basic needs and relief
  • Health – in particular those areas that are underfunded such as disabilities
  • Education, Employment & Life-skills – programs that give people the opportunity to make long-term change in their life for the better


Coupled with these focus areas, the foundation has some clear principles that guide us:

  1. 1. We look to strike a balance between providing basic needs versus supporting new opportunities for growth

  2. 2. We look at the organisation – it’s people, capability, capacity and sustainability

  3. 3. We are true to the values of our family

  4. 4. We try to find new, tried and tested, programs to bring to Canberra

  5. 5. We are open to take a risk 

  6. 6. We evaluate programs but with a long term view

  7. 7. We seek to collaborate with other funding partners

  8. 8. We focus on relationships and trust